Teaching them young; kids healthy cooking 101

After the first kids cooking class with the GIrl Scouts that we hosted in May, I really wanted to do more cooking with kids. Of course, I always enjoy cooking with my three mini chefs, but I felt like we can truly reach more children, impact their taste buds at an early age, and who knows?! Maybe that could actually help improve their health in the long run. Seems like a worthy challenge, doesn't it?

So we set up our second kids cooking class. This time we brought it to the Liberty Farm Market and we had a group of 8 children from an assortment of ages and their parents. We made the chocolate raspberry tarts as a sweet and fresh tomato salsa as their snack, served with plantain chips.




We always do thumbs up, thumbs down as we taste the ingredients and discuss their health benefits. During this class, we had one reluctant taste tester who was holding to his thumbs down.

Raspberries -  7 thumbs up/ 1 thumb down

Tomatoes - 7 thumbs up/ 1 thumb down.

I was once again so happy to see everyone enjoying both the salsa and the plantain chips. They seem surprised sometimes that they like it! We even won over our thumb's down classmate in the end with that chocolate raspberry tart!

Want to try a kids cooking class with us? Let me know what cooking subject you would like to tackle and I will send you a promo code for a discount on a parent/ child class.

Future class ideas include:

Kids can cook breakfast! Farm fresh sausage, potato hash and eggs featuring Rosebud Ranch Sausage Mix (seasoning pack goes home with parents for future use)

Kids Cupcake Decorating  - Gluten Free Cupcakes made in advance, buttercream icing with all natural food coloring and decorating lead by our friend, Tiffany Acuff from Tiffany's Kitchen.



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