Exciting Things at the Liberty Farm Market

We are so thrilled to be a part of the amazing Co-op at the Liberty Farm Market! If you are not familiar, you must go check it out!

Grassland Graze owners Kip and Jen raise happy cows raised on the pasture. They provide an excellent variety of grass-fed  steaks, ground beef,  sausage, and so much more! Their knowledge and passion is evident in everything they do.

Just Farmin' owners Steve and Barb have more than just amazing organic produce, but also free range eggs. Their CSA is sold out, but the market will be filled with their produce very soon.

Sandy's Health Foods just moved in to Liberty Farm Market and they are such a wonderful addition to round out the team. Christina and team are lovely, knowledgeable, friendly and passionate.

Paleolicious offers the food services for this amazing team. We have cooking classes scheduled now, and stay tuned for our Soup and Supper Club for weekly hot food pick - up's!

You must check it out! You will not be disappointed.

Rebecca Denney