Celebrating all things Ohio – a few of our favorite things!

There is nothing quite like sharing the love of what you do with others who are just out there doing what they love too! I am so happy to say that  Shanan and I have met some amazing people along our Paleolicious journey, and every time we attend another event or Farmer’s Market, we have the joy of meeting someone new.

In our effort to clean up our diet and home with more natural and healthy ingredients, I have made some great new discoveries of late. I thought I would share my favorite things recently discovered this spring:

  1. Soaps of Oregonia – we discovered these wonderful smelling soaps, deodorants, shampoos first and then had the joy of meeting the family behind the brand. They were at Market in the Park in the booth across from us and we just had to steal a moment away to discover their wares and talk about the evolution of our businesses, It was great fun and after we walked away with a bag full of goodies we were ever so glad! Finally, I have found a natural deodorant without aluminum and parabens and it smells wonderful! Check them out at http://www.oregoniasoapworks.com




2) Maverick Chocolate Cocoa Nibs – Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati, OTR, is a mecca of amazing sites, smells and sounds. Whether you are looking for Bbq, organic vegetables, exotic wines or spices from afar, you will find it at Findlay Market. But I dare you to walk into Maverick Chocolate and walk away empty handed. I certainly do not know why you would ever want to do that anyway, but if you are looking for something clean and Paleo, you must try their pure cocoa nibs. The owner Paul is a master of spinning the tale of his journey to chocolatier and we could listen to him talk for hours while sipping a cup of not so paleo hot cocoa. But the cocoa nibs are pure pieces of cacao heaven, with the added health benefits to boot. Go there now.  Or buy our paleo granola which features these amazing bites of paleo chocolate heaven.




3. Mwimbula Coffee Roasters– This discovery was made while introducing myself to the vendors at the Fairfield Farmer’s Market. I am a coffee fanatic! Completely. I can go on nothing all morning and afternoon but my coffee. I have been wanting to start buying an organic and sustainable coffee for some time, but often the flavors were too strong, or I just didnt fall in love with the blend. That dilemma has since ended. I purchased Mwimbula’s Peruvian Fair Trade Organic coffee blend, grind it up fresh each morning and need only add a little almond milk in the morning. It is wonderful. Stop by and see them at the Fairfield Farmer’s Market and listen to their story. You will love them as much as their coffee!




4. Spicy Olive  – Our Mentor suggested that we head on over to the Spicy Olive and have a chat with the owner Melanie because he thought we would have lots in common. He was right, but little did we know that we would fall so completely in love with her products as well. We have probably all heard by now about the olive oils that have been discovered to have little to no actual real olive oil in them. Melanie’s oils are pure and flavorful. And her vinegar’s are to die for! We make all of our own dressings and sauces and her Blackberry Ginger Balsamic takes our berry vinaigrette to an entirely new level. If you do not make your own salad dressings, you must start now!



Look for a pairing of Paleolicious and the Spicy Olive at the Brick Pop Up Shop in OTR this July.

Blackberry Ginger


5. Skinny Piggy Kombucha – have you ever heard of kombucha? Well if not, you are missing out! Skinny Piggy makes it delicious in several flavors, right here in the ‘Nati. It’s hard to beat the original, but the Hibiscus White Tea  is pretty amazing too. Rumour has it a new lavender will be on the shelves this summer! Go get ya some and then get ready because we are pairing up for a four course dinner later this summer with Kombucha cocktails!

They describe it as follows on their website:

What is kombucha?

It is a delicious probiotic drink. At Skinny Piggy Kombucha we blend premium teas and spices to brew the most satisfying kombucha you’ll ever have.


Yep. You heard us. Skinny Piggy Kombucha is a 100% raw product made from a live culture. When you drink Skinny Piggy Kombucha, you are consuming a real fermented drink.

We just describe it as delicious! http://www.skinnypiggykombucha.com



There are so many great local products here in Cincinnati, and these are just a few of our favorites.

Stay tuned for what we are loving this summer!

May Events, 2016

Paleolicious is having a busy month and we couldn’t be happier! Come check us out at any of the following places:

Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 10-4pm


Thursday. May 12 at Union Terminal from 7-10pm



Saturday, May 14 from 10-2 at the Phoenix downtown Cincinnati

Cincy-Chic’s Women’s Health Expo



We will also be at the West Chester Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s from 9a-1pm

Fairfield Farmer’s Market on Wednesday’s from 4-7pm.

We are now MORTAR Alumni

Sometimes things come to pass so quickly that it is little more than a blur! This is how we feel about MORTAR. We were so busy we never even wrote about the experience while we were living it, but it was a fun, lesson filled ride while it lasted.


MORTAR is a small business incubator in downtown OTR. They are truly doing amazing things and they have been receiving some much deserved recognition. Each week we tackled topics that every entrepreneur needs to know and we were greeted with a host of experts who came to give us the benefit of their experience.


We had high hopes and big dreams and while much of what we had  hoped would happen by joining MORTAR did not happen, we gained instead some invaluable friendships and networking that will last a very long time.


Pitch Night was a blur. It came quickly and was suddenly over. I stood on the stage and poured out my soul to the crowd. They responded well but we were not their girls. They had other ideas about what was best for their community and paleo food was not it. So be it.


While we feel there are few fights more important right now than the health and safety of our food supply, which is making us sick and sluggish. we will soldier on without the benefit of the grand prize. But no matter what, the mentoring, education and opportunities that we gained  made the experience worth far more than the dollars we paid.


Open4business is now our mortar family, and we are happy that the relationships we have built have strengthened since our last class together.


We congratulate the winners of pitch nite, Green Man Twist, Just Hire Me and iCleanology. They are our friends and we know they will do amazing things!

We also thank our biggest supporters who are always there, no matter what! There are no words!!!


pitchnite9 pitchnite8 pitchnite7

We love you guys!


Market in the Park – AKA Fiesta in the PArk

This Saturday, May 7 is our second Market in the Park in Lebanon, Ohio.

Our first Market had its share of challenges, let me tell you! First of all we couldn’t keep power so our AMAZING Spring Chicken Vegetable Soup all got thrown out and no one got to try it at all! We were sad. This was compounded by the fact that some amazing folks who came out just to see us had to stand by while we worked with the health department to determine if we could serve any food!

Finally, power issues aside, we moved on and focused on selling our granola and our Turmeric Tea and we had a respectable day in sales in those categories and the Turmeric Tea kept our freezing hands warm.

Then the wind picked up and things just went flying.

Oh well, we are hopeful that we will have power this saturday and that perhaps the sun will shine!

Cinco de Mayo will have come and gone, but we are in the spirit of livin la vida loca and so we are preparing a latin inspired menu for Saturday:

Tostones cooked to order with guacamole, mango salsa and tomato salsa


Chicken Fiesta salad with avocado lime viniagrette


Chicken Tortilla Soup with Gluten Free Tortilla strips

Now if only we had margaritas!

Come out to Market in the Park at Lebanon Armco Park and try some of our paleo and gluten free latin flavors!


Market in the Park – Saturday, April 2

We are so excited to release our menu for Market in the Park this Saturday. It is at Armco Park, Lebanon, Ohio. This fabulous market will run the first Saturday of every month from April – October.

Our menu will change each time we appear at the market.

Here is our Spring inspired menu for April.

Market in the Park – April 2, 2016

Portabella and Asparagus Salad – with toasted pine nuts, nitrate free bacon and lemon vinaigrette


Spring Chicken Vegetable Soup – with fresh spring asparagus and peas and a hint of lemon


Paleolicious Gluten Free Granola Parfaits – made with  our own granola, coconut milk yogurt and Mojito fruit salad


Strawberry Shortcake – Almond flour cakes topped with Spring berries and coconut milk whipped cream


                 Lavender Lemonade – Organic lemon and raw local honey combined with culinary grade lavender


Turmeric Tea – made with turmeric, ginger, cardamom, raw local honey and almond milk, this wonder tea has so many nutrients for your body! It is so good you will forget it’s good for you!


Eco Chic at the Krohn Conservatory


krohn2 krohn1

We have been really excited about our event at the Krohn Conservatory with Cincy Chic. Our favorite thing to do is to get creative with food! Venues like this are the perfect place for that. We ordered compostable eco friendly materials for serving everything and incorporated fresh  edible pansies,  decorative daikon sprouts and miniature mushrooms for accents.

The event was so much fun and we received some wonderful feedback, made some new friends and some future business connections. As always, thanks to Amy Scalia and Cincy Chic for putting on a great event.

Our lite bites tonight were:

Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp and Flank Steak served with a fresh sundried tomato cocktail sauce over roasted portabella mushrooms.


Orange Cream Cakes topped with from scratch orange preserves, toasted pistachios and coconut whipped cream.



All Paleo, of course. Fresh, clean, delightful.


Nothing makes us happier than seeing smiling faces enjoying our food!


We couldn’t do it without the help of our Paleolicious Team who are just amazing! Tonight we were joined by Liz, Kylen and Rachel.

The next time you will see Paleolicious at a Cincy Chic Event is at the Women’s Expo in May at the Phoenix. We look forward to seeing you there!




Update on the Food Fight 5K and Festival

Today was an awesome day! We met with the team at Voice of America who manage the metro park events and we told them all about our plans for the 5K and Festival. They were so on board it was just exciting.

We are hoping and praying for a sponsorship to come through to help with the cost of the facilities, and our prayers may be answered on that front.

The official date of the Food Fight and 5k is Saturday, May 20, 2017!!

The 5k will begin at 9 am and runners will have their choice of a clean get away or end their run in a food fight. Don’t worry though, both security and showers are available so you can hang out and enjoy the rest of our festivities.

Vendors and Food Trucks will be set up by 10 am.

We will have beer, live music, and a huge assortment of local craftspeople, artisans and the West Chester Farmer’s Market.

Throughout the course of the day we will have a schedule of guest speakers who will teach you about topics ranging from nutrition to how to use essential oils, to how to start your own backyard garden even if you have a black thumb. (like me)

In addition, a children’s area will include everything from stories and crafts to children’s shops and their very own garden lessons as well.

There will be something for everyone as we celebrate great local food, artisans, farmers and a healthier way of life.

Join the Voice of America, The West Chester Farmer’s Market  and Paleolicious on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Easter Dinner Menu

Who doesn’t love a delicious holiday spiral sliced ham, flavored with gooey sweetness and served with a side of scalloped potatoes on Easter Sunday? Or perhaps a beef tenderloin, or a rack of lamb? If you have minded your p’s and q’s during lent and truly sacrified, this delicious meal and the sweet treats that the day entails make it all worth while.

But perhaps you have had a busy, stressful few months, and are not up for all of the hours of toil in the kitchen. Or maybe your host isn’t up to it this year and is secretly hoping someone else will do the cooking?


We have you covered!! We are cooking Easter dinner this year and delivering it to your door. What’s even better is that our meats are locally sourced from Morning Sun Farm, certified organic, grass fed and free range.

As always, our ingredients are locally sourced as much as possible, contain no refined sugars or flour, and are gluten free. You can enjoy this beautiful Easter dinner with your family guilt free!

Message or call us for delivery options.


Easter Holiday Dinner

Beef Tenderloin Roast with sundried tomatoes, thyme and rosemary

Roast Redskin potatoes, parsnips and sweet potatoes

Lemon Garlic Spring Asparagus

House Salad with house lemon vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts




Spiral Bone in Ham with Maple, orange and clove marinade

Maple Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Miniature Brussel Sprouts roasted with bacon

House salad with house honey orange vinaigrette and pistachios


 Add miniature lemon meringue tarts or Miniature carrot cakes for an additional $2.50/pp

Our meats are sourced from Morning Sun Organic Farm, a certified organic farm using grass fed and pasture raised animals.




Shanan and I are feeling lucky to take Paleolicious on a journey that is sure to broaden our horizons and our minds! #wearemortar class #4 and #wearesoexcited!

We met last night for the first time and we were introduced to the students, the mentors and our fearless leaders, Derrick, Alan and William. These three men have done some pretty cool things in Cincy so far, and I cannot wait to see the ways in which they will challenge our minds!

My goals for Paleolicious on this journey are:

  1. Open up some minds and hearts to clean eating that tastes amazing! I hope they will agree, but I will take the feedback if not! (surely they will agree!) 😉
  2.  Network, network, network
  3. Win the first competition and move on to October where we can raise money for our own brick and MORTAR (end goal!) We have picked out our future location as 1313 Vine. Just look at those windows!
  4.  Through the course of the class, design our first shop. Open a pop up in May.
  5. Get a little website love because I’m just doing what I can!
  6. Legal and Accounting advice

I know this list could carry on, but these are the big ones!