Hi Friends!

Welcome to our website! We are thrilled you are here and hope you will check our page often.

For more about the founders and supporters of Paleolicious Cincy, check our About Us page!

Briefly though, we are two friends, passionate about good food, and convinced that we can make healthy food taste amazing! We dare you to try it and say otherwise!

I am Rebecca


and this is Shanan.


Our families are important to us. They are why we began this journey in the first place.


This is a crazy bunch, but they have our hearts. We work tirelessly to try to have fun with them, keep them happy, educated, adventurous and fed with good, clean, nutritious food.

We don’t always win that battle.

We will not pretend to be perfectly paleo. Our children are also not perfectly paleo. But we now understand nutrition, we are passionate about it, and our goal is to help busy families eat a little better every day.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We promise it will be a good time!